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Full Version: new firmware - Airturn Duo BT200
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My airturn duo BT200 had been working a treat until I updated the firmware (v2.2.0).  After some fiddling I have got it turning pages on my android phone, however still nothing on windows 10.  Is this likely a MS issue or Airturn?  It pairs successfully to both windows, and MS airturn direct, however no response from pedals or buttons.  I would happily return it to factory default firmware, however I can't figure out how to do that either.  Any help would be much appreciated!
(08-06-2019, 04:20 PM)sciurius Wrote: [ -> ]Does this help?
Sadly no.  I have tried resetting multiple times, and connecting in every different mode, but nothing yet!  I have just noticed that the unit is only blinking every 3 seconds which is meant to mean it's paired to a device, but the only two devices I have paired it to are turned off, and I have reset the airturn multiple times with no change in blinking pattern!  Seems like I should contact airturn support, as it doesn't seem to be a problem with MS airturn direct code.
You probably tried this, but did remove airturn as a recognized device on your tablet and then try to re-pair it?
I did try that, but no luck.  Eventually I got in contact with airturn customer support, and they gave me pretty similar information.  

After a busy couple of weeks, I thought I would give it another go.  Magically, it works perfectly now!!  Presumably this was fixed in the latest update/program re installation. 

Thanks for your help!