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Full Version: CSVFile for "The New Real Book, Volume 2" (Jazz)
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The attached CSV file is named as the book was named on a somewhat common collection CD, NEWREAL2.PDF
Thanks a lot, here's a version little different of CSV.

Have you csv with composers and keys ?

Csv of Bb and Eb ?

Sher Music provides a table of contents for many of (all?) their books:
It lists song title, composer, page and book title
you can easily
- sort by book
- mark the song entries for the book in question
- copy/paste the song entries into a text file
- open the text file in LibreOffice Calc
- let a formula in Calc add the offset between the given page as printed and the PDFPage
- let formulas in Calc calculate "Pages" as required by MSP
- column "Keys" has to be filled manually going through the book page by page
- save as CSV
- check the created CSV
- share the created CSV in MSP forum
Thanks a lot, I'll try this.

Here's a new CSV with Composers ! ( without key, it’s less important for me and I don’t have the time).

Please check if there is no error ( I guess we do not have the same pdf, the pages may be different).

Thanks for your work.
Did some modifications according to my pdf-version...