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Full Version: new problems with Sync using WiFi
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I'm new to Mobile Sheets. 

The first thing i did was to install the software on two devices - both computers using Windows 10. 
I then uploaded  >1200 pdf and jpg  files (trad music played by several groups I'm in) into my desktop , synced the two computers and populated the "portable" computer using  the one way sync function. 

Since then i have gradually been scanning pages and occasionally syncing the two devices again to update the portable database. 

So far so good. very easy to do and my only gripe was that the set-lists didn't go through (which i presume was something to do with the settings i used). 

However, this has stopped working. 

The two computers start talking to each other, the databases are compared. i am asked what I want to do about "new" files  (which are identified correctly), receive messages saying whats going on with every file are presented. 

And then  I get a message "transfer failed". 

Any ideas please ?
Maybe I should just uninstall Mobile Sheets on the "portable" and then reinstall  and repopulate it ?  But them I'm in a mess if it wont repopulate .....
You can certainly do that. Just create library backup on the PC in MobileSheets under Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library, transfer the .msb file to the portable device and restore that backup file. You'll then have a complete replica of the library. Before doing that though, I'd really like to investigate this issue. If you can create the library backup file and then share it with me, I'd like to run the same test you did with a couple of my devices to see if I can reproduce the issues you are seeing. The most useful thing would be for you to create a backup file on each device, and share both of those with me. I can then set up my PC with your PC backup, and setup my Surface Pro 4 with that backup file and sync the two just like you did. If I can reproduce any problems doing this, then I'll be able to get it fixed immediately. Otherwise I'm going to have to try to guess at what might be wrong and set up tests on my own that will most likely not reproduce the issue.

If you are willing to share the backups with me, please send an email to with the links and I'll work on testing it right away.

Uninstalling and reinstalling (and making sure the database was also deleted) did not solve the problem. 

Still get an error message and incomplete transmission. 

Moreover, i no longer have my songs on the "portable" computer after about the Kesh alphabetically. After K the song titles are there but the content is a message to say that the file does not exist.
I've communicated through email, but for anyone else that sees this, I was able to successfully sync the completed library to the incomplete. I just used WiFi instead of bluetooth. Bluetooth is only recommended for very small transfers. WiFi should otherwise always be preferred.