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Full Version: ChordPro profiles
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Depending on the type of gig I have my tablet close or farther away. In the latter case I need the texts a bit bigger, which is nicely to do since almost all my material is ChordPro.

After having enlarged and shrunk several songs several times on several occasions, I was thinking that this should be made easier.

Currently, I can change the text display settings and then apply the changes to all songs. But it would be nice if it were possible to define profiles (a set of text display settings) so that I can select a profile and have the settings applied to all ChordPro songs in a library/collection/setlist. This way I can make a profile for small text, one for large test, one for phone, and so on...

Just an idea. What do you think?
Sounds like a great idea. That's basically in line with the kind of changes I want to make for annotations and smart buttons (which may be based on annotations after the update). I can add it to the list of things to work on after the iOS version is completed. New feature enhancements will be added at a much faster rate at that point in time.