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Full Version: Setlist from shuffled collection
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Hi Mike

Having to prepare a big list for a Jam tonight, I decided to shuffle a collection and use the "Create Setlist from Songs" option which I could then slim down.

However this didn't work as expected . Basically, after doing this, the resultant setlist is not ordered like the collection - it appeared to be in alphabetic "clumps" and
 at least one was very long. After experimenting, I realized that I hadn't "ticked" any songs  when using "Create SetList...".
Ticking all the songs first did produce the required list.

So the problem is that MSP is creating an incorrect list when no songs are "ticked" whereas it should really be creating an empty list.
Preferably MSP could warn when no items are selected and/or display an option to include all files.

Something similar may exist with "Create Collection from Songs" but is perhaps not so crucial in that it is possible to sort a Collection (I'm assuming it would create it as a manually sorted collection when the source collection is shuffled)

Great program