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Full Version: Version 2.7.2 crashes on editing groups
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Dear Mike,

after updating MobileSheetsPro to version 2.7.2 on my phone (Nokia 7 Plus, Android 9) the app crashes on editing groups (hitting "bearbeiten"/edit in an existing group (setlist or collection) or creating a new group. Nonetheless the new group is created).

On my backup tablet Huawei M3 Lite (Android 7) everything works fine, i didn't dare to try on my productive tablet suftab theatre 13.3. ;-)

Same on my samsung phone. Select the collections tab, tap edit and MSPro exits.

Looks like an issue due to a missing resource for smaller devices. I just pushed out an update to fix it. Thanks for letting me know.

With update 2.7.3 group editing works on my phone (and of course on my tablets). 

Thanks Mike for the quick reaction. 

With the latest update i can no edit set lists again without it crashing. Thank you for fixing this so quickly. I wish other vendors were this good.