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Full Version: V3 Desktop midi settings
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Hello,   My set up is Roland Fr8x with a V3 Desktop and using mobilesheets pro v2.7.3

I am trying to program a registration to send a midi message to galaxy tablet s2 which will load a specific song / sheetmusic.  When you add a command to the midi tab in song edit, to add a song the "load song on receive" button is not active and doesn't allow me to switch it on.  Midi messages are being received when listening and testing but the song will not load.
Any idea on how to fix this or work around it?
Typically, MIDI devices don't send "Song Select" MIDI commands. That's a rarely used message to begin with, and it's usually something you would send to a device to get it to load something. Are you sure you are receiving a "Song Select" MIDI Message from your device? If you tap the bottom most icon on the right side of the list to bring up the MIDI listen dialog, then have your Roland send the messages, what do you see? Whatever it sends is what you should be triggering on to load the song.