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Full Version: Display size and DPI
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We may have touched this issue before but my memory and searching skills seem to fail...


Left tablet is 800x1280, this should correspond to what Android calls mdpi (160dpi, medium density).
Right tablet is 1600x2560, xhdpi (320dpi, extra high density).

I would expect the Android system to take care of the different resolutions, so both screen should display exactly the same. But unfortunately, as you can see, it does not. Is there some setting that can fix this?
For most measurements in the app I use dp (density independent pixels), so it should scale to match on each device. For text I use sp (which scales based on the OS settings). Looking at your screenshot, the file is not the same on each device. On the right device, I see a line that starts with "Geen" that I don't see on the left device. Why is that?

You are right about the difference in the song files, although that is not part of the problem.

An identical file, this is as close I can get to a near identical display on both tablets.


As you can see, I need to reduce the size of lyrics, chords and so to about 80%.

The Text Display Settings dialog on the right tablet is significantly (about 25%) larger than the one on the left tablet. Same is true for the icons.

So apparently there is some internal base value (setting?) on the right tablet that is 25% larger than its counterpart on the left tablet.

I installed DevCheck and compared the results.


It is peculiar to see that the left tablet has resolution 1280x800 and density 1280x800dp, while the right tablet has resolution 2560x1600 and density 1138x711dp. The last density is puzzling...
The issue is due to the fact that the right device puts itself in the 360 dpi "bucket" (xhdpi) but only has a screen density of 286dpi. So the two devices are not going to scale equally. There isn't too much that can be done about that unfortunately...

Okay, so be it. Thanks for helping to clear this up.