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Full Version: font in last line on page 1 chopped off
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Loving my Android Mobile Sheets!!!   Everything has been working fine for years.

Using MS Word 2013 to create & format text in Arial 14 Bold.   

I then save the DOCX as PDF.   PDF looks fine when viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2019.

When I import into Mobile Sheets Pro, more than half of the BOTTOM line of the LAST lyric on page 1 is chopped off.  

There is plenty of space at the bottom of the page.  There are two blank lines after my last lyric on page 1.   

See attached picture.

Thanks for your help.
Please open the song, tap the center of the screen to bring up the song overlay, tap the icon at the bottom left that looks like a gallery icon and then tap on "Crop". See if the cropping coordinates are cutting off part of the page. If so, clear the cropping coordinates and it should display correctly. The next time you use Import->Local File, uncheck the option to automatically crop the files as it may not be detecting the coordinates correctly with your files for some reason. If this problem persists, please share one of the files so I can see if the same issue occurs for me. If cropping is not the problem, please send the file to so I can test it myself.


Thanks!   That fixed it.   I never realized there was a crop command.  Now I'm smarter!