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Full Version: Link points Problem
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I have set "Link Points" in my songs: At the end of a repeat part, I want to jump back to the beginning of the repeat part. That does not work. All link points are ignored. It is scrolled to the end without a set Link Point is detected.
What can I do?
Link points are not triggered by scrolling. They are triggered either by tapping them or activating them with a bluetooth pedal. If you want to have scrolling sections repeat, the best way to do this is to utilize the page order feature. Long press your song on the library screen, tap "Edit Song" at the top, go to the files tab, tap the "Page Order" field and then change the page order to repeat your pages, such as "1-3,1-3". Then you can just scroll forward through the song, repeating the necessary pages in the order you want. You can even crop the same page in different ways throughout the song, as each instance of a page is completely independent. Let me know if you have any questions about this.