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Full Version: HELP - tablet is dying
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My Hannspree 13" tablet slowed down to uselessness (a minute to load a 3-page song). So I did its factory reset, with the intention of loading everything back -- I use it only for MobileSheets and have done this in the past. I had it delete everything, and after powering down and back up it looks like a virgin tablet, Android 4.2.2. I configured my WiFi and the browser can see the internet.

Disaster -- its "Pre Play Store" app, which is supposed to load the Google Play Store app, now just sits there with a white screen. Googling this, I found, downloaded the latest Play Store apk, and installed it (minimum Android version 4.0). When I run it, it just expands to a white screen and immediately exits.

After booting it usually gets a popup "Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped", and sometimes "OTA Updater has stopped."

Without the Play Store I cannot install MobileSheets, making it useless for me.

Is there anything else I can try?

(I have a second one configured identically, which works just fine. Both are about 6 years old. I use one or the other almost every day.)
Contact me at I'll help you switch over to the version I distribute through my FastSpring store. That will ensure you can get application updates (which wouldn't be possible if Google Play isn't working).