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Full Version: chordpro-tag for MIDI commands
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It would be nice to have a chordpro-tag like {midi-number: ...} to send a MIDI command when the song is viewed. So you could save and transfer it in one step by writing a song in chordpro-syntax. Or is something like that already implemented and I completely missed it?

No, it's not currently implemented. I can certainly look into supporting something like that as a custom command. I will want to support all MIDI messages though, so the syntax will need to support all possible fields. The parsing for that alone will take a bit to write.

I have no experience with this type of MIDI usage. Would this be very MSPro/Korg specific or can it be of more general use?
It would be forĀ general use. The command would be something like:

{midi cc 47 32} to send a control change message with values 47 and 32. For more advanced messages like system exclusive that sends bytes, you could do {midi sysex 3c 4f 2d 7f}.

That sounds interesting. I'll add this to the ChordPro (currentversion+1) specs.

Do you foresee that the position of the command in the file will be relevant? E.g. change midi settings for a chorus and back again for a verse?
I guess in theory you could implement something like that, but the way I read and render files in MobileSheetsPro, I don't really think I would have a way of knowing when the user is viewing the chorus vs the verse. If the two sections were on different pages, then it would be easy for me to send only the MIDI commands on the page being currently viewed, but I'd rather keep this simple and just send all the MIDI commands when the song is loaded.

That sounds great! No hurry Wink

Thanks, also for the great work on this great app!