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Full Version: New user, general qustions
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HI.  I am a relatively new user, classical pianist.   The app seems good, and the compiler (MIke)  excellent at rapid replies!
Can anyone help? 

Is it possible to have two separate songs open, side by side? (eg, to compare different "versions"? )

In stylus mode, it doesn't seem possible to turn page by simple "tap", (you have to swipe) this would be most useful. 

At the moment, I don't support having two separate songs open at the same time unless they are both one page songs and you are using the two page display mode (as they would be displayed at the same time). What you are describing would be an entirely new display mode as I'm assuming you would want to either be able to turn pages independently for each song, or use the vertical scrolling mode to allow them to be scrolled in unison. If you have two separate tablets, then there are ways to accomplish this. You can use the "Connect Tablets" feature, and then link the two songs together using Song ID. Then when you load the first song on one tablet, it would load the second song on the other tablet, and you could turn through pages on both tablets at the same time.

The annotations feature is being reworked, so a separate editor won't be required once it is complete.