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Full Version: CSV for Bb instruments.
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Hi, I created new .csv for "Real Book Bb 5th Edition" and "The New Real Book (Bb) Vol. 1".  This is created for Bb instruments (trumpet, tenor sax and other).  If anyone has similar ones for Bb instruments, share here, please Smile
Thanks for sharing.

I recommend posting CSVFiles with one thread per fakebook and using titles like
CSVFile for "Real Book Bb 5th Edition"
CSVFile for "The New Real Book (Bb) Vol. 1"

Posted like this, a forum search for CSVFile will produce a helpful list of the CSVs that are already available.
Please use exactly "CSVFile", no blank, no plural.
The forum search needs at least four characters so just "CSV" won't work.
"CSV File" or "CSVFiles" would need additional searches.

And, to help musicians with Bb and Eb instruments, it seems a good idea to write Bb or Eb into the thread title for these versions.

I plan to move all my previous posts of CSVs like this into this forum section, but that's a low priority task of mine that will take a while.
Ok. I will create new posts, but it would be nice to attach the corresponding pdf file to the CSVfile, since there are different versions of Real books.  Sorry, but the forum cannot download large pdf files.
I agree that it would be convenient if PDF and matching CSV were available as a pair.
But: copyright laws usually don't allow publishing fakebook PDFs.
So we cannot avoid cross-checking downloaded CSVs with the corresponding PDFs that we have.
Merci !