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Full Version: Inserted symbols with the text-tool are missing in exported PDF File
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Hallo everybody,

I exported some pieces as a pdf file with annotations.
In the PDF file all symbols, I inserted with the text tool on the score are missing.
I used for example the text tool to write a chord name (for example: "A♭" or "C♯" )  under the notes, but these symbols are missing in the PDF. So I get: "A " and "C " and the sharps/flats are replaced by a space.

Do you also have the same problem?

By the way: all annotations inserted with the stamp tool are there.

This is probably irrelevant, but I also noticed, that the colour of these symbols (again: inserted with the text-tool)  changes to black, when synchronizing on an android device. The letters on the other hand keep the right colour. 
I am inserting for example on Windows 10 a chord like: "A" after I synchronize my android device the same chord is being displayed as: "A".

What that means is that either the PDF is missing the font that was used to generate those symbols, or the PDF library is not handling the unicode symbols well for some reason. I have seen the white/black issue, but that's actually completely out of my control. That's the Android device doing that - I certainly don't assign different colors to those symbols. I think it's just due to me using the unusual unicode symbols that is revealing an issue in the way the tablet handles the text. I see this mostly on Samsung devices. 

I think this will have to wait for the annotation redesign which I'm trying to finish (although it keeps getting pushed back due to customer support and having to investigate bugs). With the redesign, I'm not going to support inserting those symbols using the current approach. Instead, it will all be done through the stamp tool, but the stamp tool will be so much easier to use and the stamps will be vector based so they will scale to any size properly. This does mean you'll need to update songs that use those stamps though if you want it to look better. Songs that currently use those unicode symbols will continue to work, I just won't be providing an option to insert those symbols as text.

Hallo Mike and thanks for the answer!

I changed the comment fonts of my PDF-reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader DC) and tried different UI fonts, but with no success.
I guess, I could download and install some new fonts, but I do not now which!
Do you have a suggestion?

(I get this pop up: "Cannot extract the embedded font RDFONT+Roboto-Black. Some characters may not display or print correctly)

Other than this, I am looking forward for the update with the annotation redesign.
When do you get that pop-up? What action is causing that? You shouldn't need to extract the embedded font from the PDF. If you wanted to install Roboto-Black off the web, you could certainly do that though. All of the Roboto fonts are open source and available for download.

My recommendation when exporting is to enable the "iOS compatible annotations" option. Then whatever you see in MobileSheets is what will be in the PDF. This will cause the PDF to be much larger and load slower though, so you'll have to decide if it's worth it. As a side note, I have a lot of export fixes coming in the next update.

I get that pop-up inside acrobat-reader, when opening the comments-tool.

I try your "enable iOS compatible annotations" solution and give you a feedback.

Yes, enabling the IOS compatible annotations did the job. 

In this case, I did not care for the file size , since I wanted to print a physical copy of the music for a concert with no possibility of a "digital-setup".

Thanks one more time for the help!