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Full Version: Missing pedal settings
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A band member of mine tries to adjust the amount of page scroll when using her pedal.

My Pedal Actions Settings screen looks just like in the docs (figure 70) but in her version the setting for "Scroll Amount" is not there... Is there some other setting that needs to be set?

BTW: She is using MSPro in Dutch, although I do not think that matters.
The pedal action that is selected is what matters in this case. If you use a pedal action such as "Scroll down or turn page at bottom", then the scroll amount will be shown. That setting doesn't apply to other pedal modes, so I wanted to hide it to avoid confusion. I could show it but disable it, but it's not always easy to tell when a text field is disabled as it just gets a little grayer.

Ah! That explains it... She had configured 'slim omlaag scrollen en omslaan van pagina' instead of 'scrol omlaag en sla om'...

Since my tablets are in English I hadn't noticed the subtile difference in setting.