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Full Version: Pedal - suggest easiest with Windows 10
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I have been using MobileSheets for just a few days and am enjoying it, using a laptop in portrait mode.  I would like to add a pedal, but only for page turning, forward and backward.  I want easy and would like some suggestions for brandnames.
Many thanks,
Hallo Louise and welcome to the forum!

Here are some pedals suggested by zubersoft:

I am using the  Airturn Duo since almost 2 years and I am very happy with it. I did not have any issues until now and it never let me down during a concert. The battery is also very good: It can go for weeks without charging it.

Hello, I've used the Airturn Ped Pro and I found it very hard to use. I play sitting down and when wearing soft-soled shoed, I could not get the device to register a foot tap. I had to stand and really lean into it or take off my shoes and use the ball of my foot. I then got an Airturn BT 200 and life is a lot easier.
Everyone has his/her own preferences...

I also play sitting down and never had the feeling having to apply much pressure.
I press the lower end of the pedal and use it in general like the piano's sustain pedal.

I would suggest then, If you have a store near your place to try different pedals and see what works for you.

As I said, the Airturn Duo never let me down until now, but I do not have also experience with many pedals.