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Full Version: different chopro extensions
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Does MS treat *.pro files the same as *.chopro files, *.crd files and *.cho files?
Or are these types of files each interpreted differently?

I am not certain, but my belief on this is that they interpreted the same.
IOW, I could change an extension from pro to crd and the file will look the same in MS.
Is this the case?

FYI: According to WikiPedia, the preferred filename extension for ChordPro files is 'cho'.
All of those file extensions are handled the same way. MobileSheetsPro will even check to see if a .txt file is really a .chord pro file (based on the syntax in the file), as a large number of users were importing .txt files but expecting chord pro processing. As long as you are just talking about changing the file extension before importing, then yes, you can absolutely change it.

Great, thanks Mike!