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Full Version: Do you have to buy the Android version?
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Do you have to buy the Android version if you have already bought the full Windows 10 version? 

Is there a way to have both with just the Windows 10 payment?


The Android version requires a separate purchase from the Windows 10 version. This is partially due to them being sold on app stores managed by different companies (Microsoft vs Google), and partially to help support development of each version. Each change I make has to be implemented specifically for each OS version as there is a lot of OS dependent code. Additionally, I have twice as much testing and integration to do to support both versions. So purchases of each version help fund that particular version. As a side note, the Windows 10 purchase can be installed on up to 10 Windows devices you own, and the Android purchase can be installed on every Android device you own.

Having said all that, if you don't mind running the Android version in an emulator in Windows, then you can purchase the Android version and use that same purchase in the emulator on your PC.