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Full Version: Alternative to "next song" overlay
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During gigs I often use the feature to display the next song title on the last page of each song. However, the overlay has impact on the display, the last page is effectively scaled down to make room for the overlay. This disturbs the (pedal) scrolling of the pages.

Since a couple of releases we have a non-intrusive way to display the system time. Would it be possible to display the next song title in a similar way, i.e., without using the overlay?
Sure, if users prefer, I can overlay this information right on top of the page. Obviously this would potentially obscure part of the page (which is why I didn't implement it that way originally), but perhaps that's not a big deal depending upon the files. Would you want it horizontally displayed on top of the page the same way it's laid out in the next up title bar now? Or would you want a completely different way of displaying the information? With whatever is chosen, I'll have to figure out how to properly handle conflicts with other things that can be displayed on the page such as the metronome LEDs/circle, the capo display, the current audio playback time, and the system clock.

If I'm not mistaken the other info is placed slightly lower on the page, so I think that using the same vertical offset as the system time (and the same text size) should not get in the way.

Thanks for considering this!