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Full Version: Different order in loaded setlist at master vs. slave device
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Problem: Using the master-slave-mode different sheets are shown in the syncronized screen mode.

We have connected a windows-10 tablet with an android tablet (mobilesheets pro) via Wifi. Both devices are using the actual versions. Then we have syncronized the sheets and setlist in the one-way-mode from the windows-tablet to the android one (device syncronisation), to have absolutely equal databases.

Then we connected both tablets in the master-slave-mode, the windows tablet has been the master. All options were choosen in that way to make sure, that the master datas will be used, the same sheet will be shown and so one.
After loading the setlist on the master, the setlist was also opened on the slave device, but the shown sheet differs between master and slave. They are not shown in the same order.

What can I do?
It sounds like a different sort order is selected for the setlist on each device. Go to the setlists tab, tap the setlist to view the list of songs and see what sort order is selected at the top. The same sort order should be selected on both devices.