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Full Version: "Send Message" to slave tablets
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This may NOT be a popular request.

I have used OnSong and ForScore extensively.  Since I couldn't afford 12 iPads, I got into the Android world and came across MSP.

One thing that OnSong has that is used a lot is a "Send Message" feature.  It's handy when playing with a large band and most of the material/arrangements are improvised to use this feature.

It can flash a transparent word or short message on the tablet of the slaves. You can set it up to where the screen tints green and "START" flashes on the screen. It's transparent so it's not intrusive at all.

One can set up pre-defined messages such as "gtr solo" or "end song" or "YOU GUYS SUCK!".

I'm probably the only one who thinks this would be a great feature ... but when I started using OnSong, that feature came in very handy.

Just my .02 on a feature request.
For me this feature would be super helpful for live ensemble gig (reminding players cuts, special repeats etc.).
I've requested this not long ago:
Perhaps these threads can be joined now.