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Full Version: Problems with Korg usb connection to MSP
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I use 3 tablets with Windows and 3 tablets with Android. Korg usb-midi connects to the Android tablets with OTG cable and it works perfectly. But when I connect the Korg keyboard to Windows, it doesn´t show up in MSP. I tried with and without the Korg driver but it makes no difference. When I use other apps like Sibelius, Cubase or MuseScore, they all recognise the Korg driver. So it can not be the Korg drivers fault.

But: When I use other midi connections present in my Windows (Behringer midi, Axiom keyboard etc.) they all shows up in MSP and they work fine. So it can not be the MSP´s fault.

Any suggestion?

No I started to test some Chromebooks with usb-midi connection, but so far without any result. As I can see, more and more MSB users start to use Chroombooks. Is there someone, who use a Chromebook with usb-midi connection? It would be great to hear some experiences.

Unfortunately, MobileSheets uses Microsoft's UWP MIDI library (there aren't any alternatives), and this seems to have problems detecting and connecting to KORG keyboards for some users. Some users have had to put a MIDI hub or adapter in between the KORG keyboard and MobileSheets to get it to work. Other users installed updates to the KORG driver and that helped. I don't really have a great answer at this time. I use a KORG Micro-air keyboard and I can connect it to all my Windows devices without issue, but it's a simple keyboard and uses a generic MIDI implementation that doesn't require a driver. The keyboards that require a driver are really the ones that seem to experience problems. I have contacted Microsoft about this multiple times and they were absolutely no help (I posted the link to my post on Microsoft's forum in another forum post addressing this same issue). 

The reason you don't see problems with Sibelius, Cubase, or Musescore is that they are utilizing other MIDI implementations that seem to work far more reliably for USB connections. I would use that same approach if I could. I've tried everything I can think of to get around having to use Microsoft's library, but the limitations they've put in place for UWP applications makes it impossible. I have considered creating a WPF version of MobileSheets for just this reason (which would require about a 25-35% rewrite of the code). 

Sorry I don't have a better answer - I'm not sure what to do if the only MIDI library Microsoft makes available (their own) doesn't function properly.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your respons, I understand the problems with the different midi implementations, it makes sense.
My workaround is to use both Android and Windows tablets to different jobs. Only problem is, that I can´t find a decent Android tablet with large screen, that´s why I try to figure out how Chromebooks works with midi. I hope someone in the forum can help.

As a follow-up to this thread, I wanted to mention that there is a way to get any keyboard such as the KORG keyboards to connect to MobileSheets: add a hub between the keyboard and the device. One user had success using a simple USB hub like this: HAMA Hub USB 2.0

I'm purchasing a mio2 for testing:

Essentially, if you put any MIDI class compliant device between your keyboard and the device running MobileSheets, it should get detected correctly as there is no longer a special driver required for the communication. This does mean running MIDI cables out of the keyboard in most cases, unless you have a device that can converter a USB input to class compliant MIDI on the other end such as this: