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Full Version: Dropbox connection from Android stopped working (FIXED)
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FIXED BY UPDATE but posting here anyway in case it helps anyone
(Originally posted to Mobilesheets forum instread of this MobileSheetsPro forum.)

I am a many-years user of MobileSheetsPro and haven't posted in a while because it works...well nearly perfectly.

Until yesterday.
Connection to dropbox suddenly stopped working.

I both import new songs from my Dropbox acct and add new files to existing songs from my Dropbox acct.
Yesterday it doesn't see my account, or else it's all empty.  I have confirmed the files are still there and re-logged into my
Dropbox account from MobileSheetsPro

I have (acc. to 'About' in Settings) MobileSheetsPro 1.7.0 on a Samsung tablet 2014 edition.
I updated from Google Play Store and now(!) I have 2.7.9
I don't see any differences... so am guessing the 'About' from Settings reporting that I had old 1.7.0 may be been in error.
I thought i saw it updating periodically often... but, whatever...
now it's fixed, so just thought I'd post this here anyway..

Thanks for a great product that I use weekly, and have for years....