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Full Version: Dangerous proximity between "save" and "close window" buttons!
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Hallo guys,

On a windows pc:
To finish editing a file (in edit mode), I hit the "save" button on the top right corner.
The "close window" (X) is also on the top right corner and when pressed it closes the app without a warning and without saving the edits.

Would it be possible, either to move the save button, or to add a warning like "Are you sure you want to exit MobileSheets?", like when pressing the left arrow (go back) on the left top corner of the app.

Greetings and Merry Christmas!
Version 2.8.0 was approved by Microsoft this morning. I had to request a "restricted capability" in order to catch the app being closed with the X button at the top right corner, but they approved it so you will now see a confirmation asking if you want to save your changes if you close the app while editing a setlist or annotations.

Thank you for the quick response and the even faster solution!