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Full Version: Slave tablet won't display last page by pedal forward if page count even
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Hello @all,

a further glitch in my dual tablet setup:

When paging through the scores in alternating book mode (which works generally well so far) the last page of even-numbered scores seems not accessible by my pedal. Odd-pagecounted songs work as expected, and paging by screen touches on left or right edges on either master or slave tablet do work also for even-pagecounted songs!

I checked with several songs containing 3 to 24 pages: Effect is appearing with every song so far. Odd-sided songs work to the end, even-sided songs don't.

I tested several policies of pedal setting, and every setting exhibited the same effect. Current setting is "page up" for left pedal, "page down" for right. MSP version is 2.8.2

Sorry for having plenty of time for setting up and testing just on Xmas,  Angel
I'll look into this.

I can't seem to reproduce this problem. I tested both with a 4 page song and a 12 page song. Using a pedal to turn pages on the master, the last page is always displayed on the slave. We must either have different settings or something must be fundamentally different about the songs you are testing. Can you either export a song as a .msf and send it it to or (preferably) share a backup file as that would have all the settings?

Hi Mike,

thanks for the very fast response even on a bank holiday! *Really great!*

My complete backup is now at about 85 MB. I don't think you want this completely, or do you? I can put it on a private d/l server if you like.

I'll make an export of one or two files tomorrow that will show the effect.   *yawn*

Kind regards,

Okay, here is an affected song with 6 pages as export ...