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Full Version: Some songs not loading correctly on occasion following auto-update to V 2.8.0
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During a performance I suddenly got a pop-up stating "Error during song initialization. Song may not load correctly." and, indeed, the song did not load at all (blank text area, but control menus were shown).  This happened on two different computers, sporadically on both.  At the moment, it's not happening on either!  Any suggestions to prevent the recurrence of this problem?
Version 2.8.2 has been submitted to Microsoft to fix some remaining database access issues, but it's not being approved due to the holidays. If you need an immediate fix for this problem, please contact me at as it will require switching you over to the FastSpring version I distribute myself. Otherwise the update should be approved tomorrow (hopefully). I apologize for the inconvenience.

On a side note, version 2.8.1 should be available through the Microsoft Store which does fix some additional issues in version 2.8.0. You may find that version works perfectly fine for you.