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Full Version: Tap to next page
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Hello and Merry Christmas!

Normaly i use MS in vertical scrolling mode.
When i tap on the right side of the screen, it normaly scrolls down 1 page. This is, what i expect and how it works normaly.
But lately i noticed, that it only scrolles down maybe 25%-30% of the page sometimes.
When i had this issue last time, i restarted the app and all worked fine again - 1 tap = 1 page.
Is there a possible bug?
It depends upon the size of the page, your display mode and whether your tablet is in landscape or portrait orientation. If you are in landscape orientation, using the vertical scrolling display mode, and you tap to turn a page, it will turn 33% of the screen height.

Looks like all is as you say, but still here the page normaly turns a full page.
And this is also how i want it to work.
Just sometimes this seems to be broken and it turns only the 33% as you write.
I attached a short screenrecording. Maybe it helps to understand.

[Image: 20191226-231859.gif]
If the page is smaller than the screen height, then it will turn a full page. That is why in your screen recording every page turn resulted in a full page turn instead of 33%.

Thanks for your explanation.
But still i wonder, because none of my sheets is higher per page than my screen.
As long as it works, it is OK for me.