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Full Version: Indicate file type in Library Screen
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Quite often I have more than one file type for a song - mostly Txt/Chordpro and PDF, but sometimes I have an image as well. In the library screen, these all have the same title unless I manually edit them to be different. It would be great if there was a way to indicate the file type by an icon or something so I can tell what each entry is. That way I could immediately call up the proper version as needed without 1) manually changing the song name ahead of time, or 2) finding the version I want by poking around by trial and error.

There seems to be plenty of horizontal space so I'm thinking a simple icon on the far left (or right) of the title would be all that's required.
Library Settings > Song Title Formatting > Show Caption
activates a second line for all song lists.
I show that caption line all the time and have it configured to show "Source Type". I use "Source Type" for abbreviations of the score layout.
FILE_NAMES would be a simple and easy alternative.
That's a good idea! I have no other use for "source type".