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Full Version: Clearing Songs from Recent List WITHOUT Deleting From Library
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I use the Recent List for several things; most notably to keep track of what songs have been played during a set or jam. I often turn that Recent List into a Setlist or print it for posterity.
However, sometimes while perusing songs, I open a sheet but don’t play it and it would be nice to be able to clear just that song from the Recent List.
Right now, the only option I can see is to delete the song from the library entirely, which I don’t get being able to do from the Recent List.
It would be nice if in addition to Clear List, there was an option to Clear Song, maybe INSTEAD of Deleting Song??
Thanks for any consideration you give this.
Long press song. check song>Overflow [3 dots,top right], remove from setlist.
I can look into adding an option to clear individual entries off the recent list.

That may work for a Setlist, but it doesn't for the Recent List...


OOPs! Sorry about that.  Blush
It may be appropriate to have tabs 'setlist, collections, albums, and recent' to be consistent and have 'remove' at the top and 'delete [from library]' in the overflow.