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Full Version: Backup File too large
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I got an error message while creating a backup from my library on android. Something like "Java error exception file could not created, file too large"
I include the audio files and my backup is stored on SD card.
It seems the file size does not exceed 4GB.
Is there a workaround for creating a backup of that size or should I exclude the audio files?

Edit: Found the solution: It is a limitation for the SD card. Files could not be bigger than 4Gb
You'll need to use the companion app to create the backup file. One of the things on my TODO list is to allow backups to be split among multiple files on Android, but it requires a lot of changes to support that.

Thanks Mike! As my Audio Files are stored in a separate folder on my sd card i made a Backup without Audio Files. The "correct wrong file path" function works very well, so i'm not worried about including the Audio Files after a restore.