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Full Version: Arranging the setlitst by simply dragging a song
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It happens that I imported a new song and selected for it to be added to the setlist and as such, it goes to the end of the setlist - fair enough, I just need to move to where I want.
Now I want to get that song in its right place but I can't figure out the drag thing - it does work I thought.

So I gave a long press to the song to start to drag it but instead, it shows a selection box; not what I expected but hey, how about you add the "move up/down" icon from the edit screen here?
Since it's not there I dismissed the checkbox and tap-hold on the number on the left, but nothing happened - 

Then I went to "Edit the setlist" but still can't get the song to be dragged... until I finally noticed the up/down icon - yeah, right under my nose.  

Could that icon be in the setlist so I don't have to go into edit mode ? Or could a long tap/drag instead be added/enabled so I can modify the setlist on the fly ?  This would be helpful during practice when we want to make quick changes.

But you can drag and drop. From the right selection to the setlist  as well as in the setlist. I think you have to drag (or long press) where the number of the setlist item is located. Also you can tap the number and just write the the number of the new position.

That doesn't work for you?

In the setlist view (not in the editor), the only option to reorder is to tap the number and specify the new index. If I'm going to support reordering on the setlist tab without first entering the editor, I think I may want to have an explicit "reorder" action that has to be triggered first, because otherwise long pressing to select could be negatively impacted by the drag & drop operation which is started in a similar way. While reordering is active, I would disable long-pressing to select. Would you like me to look into adding something for this? The other option is for me to investigate building my own list control. This would be a pretty large undertaking I believe, but would give me more control over the behavior of the list. This would provide a mechanism to support reordering more like in the Android version, as I'm not a big fan of Microsoft's drag & drop framework (it seems unreliable and more difficult to trigger). 

As a side note, if you load the setlist and bring up the setlist window in the song overlay, you can reorder songs there and save if desired. That view supports drag & drop.