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Full Version: Show setlist via quick action box or overlay button if not all songs are loaded
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If I don't want to load all the songs of a setlist (I disabled it in the settings) is there any way to show all songs of the setlist when I press the setlist button in the Quick action box? 
So that I can choose the song I want from there without going back and out from the song?
At the moment there is only one song (the song actually loaded).

Background is I have a lot of audio files connected to the songs in the setlist and sometimes loading the whole list causes MS to crash. And sometimes it loads the wrong audio files mostly from a song before. This is I think because of my not so young tablet. 
So loading only one song is no big deal but it would be great to see and maybe edit the setlist as if all songs were loaded without going back.

I just push this post..  maybe it could be a feature request.
The current setlist button in the quick action box is solely meant to display the setlist window, not to populate that window with different content than normal. I don't really think the right answer to is to add new features that aren't really necessary to solve an issue that shouldn't be present in the first place. I'd rather spend time and effort fixing the crashes you are seeing or the problems with wrong audio files loading. Those are not problems that I'm seeing at all myself, but if you are seeing it, then certainly there are other users that have been impacted as well that just haven't contacted me. I have a Samsung Note Pro 12.2 as well, although I'm running the stock android version that comes with it (5.1). If you would be willing to either export a setlist that is known to cause, or share a library backup file with me at (this would be preferred as it also includes all your settings), I'm happy to run tests to try to reproduce what you are seeing. If I can reproduce the issues, then I can fix them. If I can't reproduce the issues even though I'm running the same tablet as you, then we will need to discuss this all more and figure out if LineageOS is part of the problem.

Thank you Mike! I'm Not sure if i will be able to Upload my entire Backup, the size is way more than 4gb including the Audio Files. So i can Not put it on an usb Stick either. Maybe if the split Backup Feature you talked about will be ready in the future it would be possible. I will investigate this.
If you use the free companion app ( you can create the backup file on your PC which gets around the 4GB limitation. 

Dear Mike,

i never used the companion app before, but it workes well for the backup. Email sent. thank you!