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Full Version: rotation breaks positioning of annotation
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When I'm annotating a page, if I rotate the device and carry on annotating then the new annotations appear in completely the wrong place, i.e. not where I drew them.
A bunch of the rendering and related logic is changing with the new design.  With the new design, annotations are going to be sized relative to the page they are drawn on (so if you select a tool with size 20, that means 20 pixels in the source file. If the file is scaled up to 4x the size to fit the tablet screen, then the annotation will appear 80 pixels in size. This means that if you annotate in portrait mode, and a highlighter with size 40 matches the size of a piano staff, and you rotate the tablet to landscape, the highlighter at size 40 will still match the size of the piano staff on the page even if the rendered page is larger (because it was scaled up more but the tool is relative to the unscaled size of the page). I hope that makes sense - it should lead to less confusion I believe.

As far as annotations moving when you rotate to landscape - that definitely shouldn't be happening with the current design. I'm not seeing that on my tablet, so I'm going to need some more information on what types of annotations you are creating, how far off they are after rotating, etc.

OK thanks - I'll try to capture a video of the issue so you can see it.