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Full Version: Procedure to resize screen display?
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On my SurfaceBook it is easy to inadvertently do a swipe across the touch screen that gets interpreted as a resize (either larger or smaller) which often results in chords and lyrics not being displayed in their proper relationship.  In many instances I have gone into the file and inserted or removed blank lines to get things to line up again, which gets further complicated when the display is inadvertently resized.

Is there any way to have the app reset/resize the displayed file to the stock display setting that was used when the file is imported?

John L

It depends - if you rely on the auto-size feature, you can always just auto-size the file again in the text display settings. Alternatively, you can just disable the pinch zooming to resize text files. Just load a song, tap the center of the screen to bring up the song overlay, tap the display icon at the bottom left that looks like a gallery icon and then tap "Zoom/Pan Settings". On the dialog, change "Text and Chord Pro File Zoom Mode" to "Disabled".

Hi Mike

Thanks for this tip! I hadn't explore the text setting control from within the song, or the shortcut to File Edit - most excellent.
This will get me where I want to go!  Great Product and I keep turning friends on to it!
Best Regards
John L.