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Full Version: Sync Library with Files not Managed by MS on SDCard
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For some reasons I'm trying to use modify my MS library so that MS does not manage files.
Then I try to sync the lib on multiples devices using Google Drive.
It seems to work well but if I set the MS path to a folder on an external SD Card (Android) some stranges things happens.
Some folders are duplicated "folder" and "folder (1)" for example and some files have size of 0 bytes.
I thought it could be my sdcard that was damaged but I tried on my phone and 2 differents tablet and the result is the same.
If set the MS directory on the internal SD everything is fine.
Is this a bug? A known issue?
I'll have to see if I can reproduce this. If I cannot, I'll have to know more about the structure of your library on the SD card. I may need to get a backup file from you if it's fairly complex and you only see this problem for certain songs. 

Hi Mike,
Thx for your great support. Of course I can send you a backup if you need it.
I try to sync a part of my lib only to begin it's about 300Mb (full is about 5Gb) so it should not be a problem.
Please let me know.
Hi Mike,
Any news about this?
It would definitely help to have a library backup to test with. Let me know if you can send that. 

How would you like me to send it to you?
If you give me a gmail adress I can share you the drive folder to sync.
Please share a link with Thanks!

Hi Mike,
I shared you the google drive folder.
I've done some new tests.
If I sync on the internal sd everyrhing works fine.
The same if I sync to the external sd /storage/0181-9400/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/files/
But if I sync to /storage/0181-9400/Android/media/com.nextcloud.client/nextcloud/ all the files are here but the folder structure is incorrect see attachement and MS does not find my files...
I don't understand why... can I have more detailed log somewhere?
Thanks for sharing the Google Drive folder. I'll run some tests with synchronizing against that folder to see if I can reproduce what you've described.


I shared you anorher library very small with which I have done some more tests.
I've found that on the external sdcard if the storage path does not contains
The sync failed.
For example /storage/0181-9400/Android/media/com.yubersoft.mobilesheetspro
More over if the parh contains anorher ".com" it fails too, for example:
I hope that with these informations you will fix it soon
Please let me know
I've found the problem and I have a fix in place now. An optimization for SD card access caused cached folders to be incorrect so it kept trying to recreate folders that were created during the sync processing, and when this occurs, instead of Google's storage access framework just using the existing folder, it creates a new folder with a "(1)" or "(2)" after it (depending on how many copies there are of the folder). I don't know why their library behaves this way. Thanks for helping me track this down.