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Full Version: Text box sizes won't stay small
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I've got a problem on all of my android devices (2 different types of tablets and a phone), but not on my Windows tablet.
If I make a text annotation with a white background and size the text box to be just tall enough for the text, after I hit "save", all of the text boxes grow to about a height of about 6-8 rows of text, which masks everything else I still need to see since I'm using a white fill. The fill is needed to mask existing chords or lyrics that are changing.

Everything appears correct while annotating, but as soon as I finish and view the music, all text boxes revert back to extra-tall. I first noticed this problem mid-December. Recent updates have not fixed anything.
I'll need some information:

1) What text are you entering in these textboxes that suddenly resize? Does it matter what you enter or how many lines of text it is?
2) Is auto-sizing enabled or disabled for those textboxes?
3) What is the font size you've selected for the textboxes?
4) What font family are you using for the textboxes?

I had not noticed the auto size option before.  I just tried that and it appears that this is the trigger.
With the auto resize turned on, there is not a problem. With it unchecked, that's when the text boxes resize to oversized. This appears to be completely independent of font, size, and content, having tried several combinations just now.
If I draw a text box with auto-size disabled, enter a single line of text and save my changes, the text box shows up exactly the same on the page outside of the annotations editor. If this is not working the same for you I'm going to need some directions on how to reproduce the problem.