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Full Version: New super thin tablet
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Super thin 10" display. $399..

Reads PDFs , however  only runs on Linux.
(03-19-2020, 12:01 AM)Jerryghr Wrote: [ -> ]

Super thin 10" display. $399..

Reads PDFs , however  only runs on Linux.

It's thin but it can't run MobileSheets...
Apart from that:

# 10" isn't that much for score reading, if you don't just want to see pure text on it. The woman in the website images seems to have quite small hands ... Wink   To do a real comparison, take another 10" display and retain the same holding position as she does.

# Even if MS will run on it eventually in the future, you'd better take two of them and combine them to a "book": Scrolling an e-ink display is typically suboptimal. And for real score reading you will quite certainly want that if you only have one.

I am currently in Italy in property in lake Garda here and I really miss going to electronics shop  Sad Everything is closed... Every weekend I used to go buy food for a whole week and then stop buy in the nearest Media Markt to check what is the latest they have there. I would love to hold this super thin tablet and just see how it feels.
More than 8k 9k 10k 11k 15k 20k 25k 30k (officially) Italians will no longer have a chance to hold this "super thin" remarkable tablet.
You better stay at home.
It feels like any other 403.5g tablet.

Sony's Digital Paper (DPT-RP1) is even lighter when even having much larger 13.3" screen and compared to remarkable it can run MS (if rooted).
It's interesting, but I'm a little worried that it can be more fragile.