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Full Version: Fire HD > Filter > Composer > I am getting numeric keypad
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I love using MobileSheets. But I am not able to use the filter function they way I need to.

Using a Fire HD 10, I do the following...
click Filter (funnel) icon 
open Search drop down 
select Composer
click textbox to right of Search
at this point, I am getting a numeric keypad (opens at bottom of screen) but I want a alphabetic keypad, i.e. obviously to filter by "Gershwin", using numbers won't work. 

I can't figure out how to change this. 

I tried changing the keyboard by clicking on the gray box at the bottom of screen left but there was only one choice: English US / Fire Standard Keyboard. 


If you go to Settings->Other Settings, there is an option for "Show Number Keyboard First". Make sure that setting is unchecked, and then it should show the alphabetic keyboard when you try to add text to filter on. Let me know if this doesn't fix the issue for you.