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Full Version: Audio File Starting at page of song
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Hi, I would like to know if there is the possibility of associating an audio file to a specific page of a Song.
I have a Song that is a Method for a specified instrument and i have a back track for every study.
how about creating a song for every study? and put all the songs/studies in a collection or an album that represents the method?
Yes, it's a solution, but very very wasteful.
I have many books, many methods...and more exercises in the same page! (with different audio)!
There are in one Collection "Methods"...
It's possible associate an audio to a page of song?
No, audio files are currently tied to the song as a whole, not to a particular page. What you can do is utilize smart buttons to trigger different audio files to play. So add all of the audio files to the song, then on each page, add a smart button that starts/stops playback for the audio track tied to that song.