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Full Version: Problems with Bluetooth Pedal
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I have three devices - 2 android (one being a Kindle Fire 10), and a Microsoft 10 laptop.  I have a PageFlip Butterfly bluetooth pedal, which I have used with all three devices successfully in the past. 
Today when I tried to use my pedal for the first time in a few months, I was able to pair successfully with all three devices.  I was able to use the page turner with my Mobilesheets Pro on my microsoft laptop.  I was able to use my page turner on other applications on my android devices.  But on both android devices, I was not able to turn the page using my page turner in MobileSheets Pro.

Anybody have any suggestions?
These questions were answered in an email, but I'm posting it here in case anyone else needs it:

The first thing you should do is check the key mapping in MobileSheetsPro. Please follow these steps:

1) Load MobileSheetsPro, tap the three dots at the top right and then Settings.
2) Tap Touch & Pedal Settings and then Pedal Actions
3) Tap the "Keys" field for Pedal 1.
4) Tap the "Clear" button on the dialog.
5) Press a pedal switch. If a key shows up, the pedal is communicating properly and will work with MobileSheetsPro.
6) If a key shows up, tap OK, then select the action you want that pedal to trigger from the dropdown pedal the keys field. Repeat these steps for pedal 2.

If the pedal isn't communicating properly with your device, you can try re-pairing the pedal in the system bluetooth settings and repeating the steps above.