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Full Version: Pop when triggering audui
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Hi  i am new to this.  When i trigger my audio backing tracks i get a loud pop in my amp. Then the track plays normally.  Any idea to correct this.  I am pretty sure the issue is not the software but what?
One thing you can try is clicking the settings icon in the top right corner of the audio player and disable "Use advanced audio player" and see if the default Android media player works better. That would help determine if it's a software issue. I do fade tracks in/out to help with pops. Can you verify you are running version 2.9.6 under Settings->About?

Thanks. I did not notice advance d audio player before.  Tried it today. No pop both when box is checked or unchecked.  I'm thinking now it was connection or hardware issue.  Gone now.  
I use msp daily.  Great tool for me