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Full Version: Android backup on Windows 10 with chordpro files
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I edit normally all changes on my Android Tablet. From time to time I make a backup on Google Drive and restore the backup to my Win10 Surface Book to use the bigger screen for playing at home. 

PDF files or images work on both platforms and show the same behaviour. But I have problems with Text/chordpro files. Looking as expected on the Android Tablet, the file uses many pages with only few lines on the Windows platform. In the example below the 1 page on Android becomes 21 pages on Windows. 
I experimented with the settings on Windows but did not find the right ones. If I create with the same content a new Test-Song on the windows platform then I get a similar result, but only with 7 instead of 21 pages. I added the 1st of the 7 pages as an attachment.

The result on Windows looks like this:
Page 1: Only the title
Page 2: bold and underlined only the word "Chorus"
Page 3: It's been A [G]Hard [C9]Day's [G]Night and I've been
Page 4: [F7]working like a [G]dog
and so on...

Example file content:

{title:A Hard Day's Night}

It's been A [G]Hard [C9]Day's [G]Night and I've been [F7]working like a [G]dog
It's been A [G]Hard [C9]Day's [G]Night I should be [F7]sleeping like a [G]log
But when I [C]get home to you I find the [D]things that you do will
make me [G]feel [C9]al---[G]right

You know I work all day to get you money to buy things
And It's worth it just to hear you say you're gonna give me ev'rything
So why I love to come home 'Cause when I get you alone you know I'll be O.K.

When I [Bm]home [Em]ev'rything seems to be al[Bm]right
When I'm [G]home [Em]feeling you holding me [C]tight, [D]tight,yeah



So why I love to come home 'Cause when I get you alone you know I'll be O.K.


You know I [G]feel [C9]al---[G]right

End of Example
A ChordPro file contains data and markup, and must be processed by a viewer tool (like MSPro) or turned into a PDF. There are several tools that can do that for you. See e.g. .