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Full Version: mspro to new tablet
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I started out with original Mobile Sheets and was automatically upgraded to MS Pro when it became available, meaning I did not have to pay 12.99. Now that I have a new tablet I thought that Playstore would recognize my IP address (or whatever) and allow me to install MSPro without charge since I already had it.  I have seen posts that indicate that Playstore did that but I might have misunderstood.

Would appreciate info on what is necessary to get MSPro without charge.  Thanks
There was never a free upgrade from the original MobileSheets to MobileSheetsPro, so I'm not sure how you obtained MobileSheetsPro. Please contact me at and let me know what email address you use with the Google Play Store so I can look up the purchase information.

Thanks to Mike for giving me the solution of recovering MS Pro to my new tablet.  For some reason I was accessing Playstore from a different account than when it was purchased.  After following Mike's advice all is well.