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Full Version: Using smart buttons to control variation changes on my keyboard
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I've used lockdown to get my mass of paper scores digitised and loaded up onto MSP. My main instrument is the Korg PA700 and I've just discovered that I can use smart buttons to send midi program change commands to the PA.

As you may know the Korg keyboards have four main variations for each registration and you normally change variation as you are playing by pressing the relevant button located above the keyboard. However my hand might then fail to return accurately to the keyboard making my variation changes a bit clunky. By adding four smart buttons to a score, each programmed to send the requisite midi program change number I can now sequentially move through the smart buttons using a usb pedal set up to "activate next smart button". I can double blip the pedal and skip a variation if I need to.

In fact I'm using a three usb pedal unit so that I can page turn and move through index or setlist. Magic!