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Full Version: annotating while connected to Airturn Duo by bluetoothh
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When I try to annotate a score with my Airturn BT200Duo connected by Bluetooth I can highlight with colour , but when I try to add text the keyboard dos not appear. If I turn off Bluetooth on the Duo , and try to add text the Keyboard appears and I can type. Is it possible to add text while bluetooth is connected ? Am I using or not using a setting , that I need?
Take a look at these threads:

You need to enable the virtual keyboard while a hardware keyboard is connected (as the pedal is recognized as an HID like a keyboard). Let me know if you need additional information.

Hi Mike
Thank you , I could not call up the keyboard icon in Mbile sheets as you described in your first link , but it still allowed me to finally understand the prolem . My wife had been just turning Bluetooth  on and off as required . Lately the need to annotate during rehearsal had become urgent. I have implimented the Hackers Keyboard method and it seems to work . Thank you again