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Full Version: Uncounted setlist items
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When I compose a setlist I use songs and separator pages. The separator pages are single-page PDF files that display a big "Set 1" etc. Good.

A small complication comes when playing with other musicians that have their own setlists, either non-MSPro or no separator pages. They number the songs, which is natural, while I have to correct my number for the separators. "Let's play song 25" could mean setlist item 28 for me.

It would be nice if it were possible to mark entries in the setlist as non-counted entries.
I think that is in-line with other requests users have made for setlist separators. These are just display elements in the list that wouldn't be counted toward the overall song count. Some users have asked for the ability to configure the separators so that they show up as a blank page with a label that will show up in large letters on the blank page. I have considered adding this as well, although I don't think it should count toward the overall song count, so I would have to change some of the code for the setlist window and library screen to account for that. If you would prefer to continue using your own single page PDFs as separators and just want a way to mark a song as a non-counted entry in the setlist, I think that will require some thought as how to set up the UI and options to support that without it being confusing. Perhaps it would be something where you can long press the song in the setlist and tap an option that says something like, "Treat as separator", and then it won't be counted. This would be supported in addition to the separators that others have asked for. It seems a little overkill though if I can just support what you need with built-in separators.

First of all I must state this is. for me, a very minor issue.

I like the idea of separator pages (I didn't invent them without reason Smile ) because they also show up when paging through the setlist. During a gig I'm often not aware where we are in the list, so it is good that a big "Set 2" page turns up to signal that the current set has reached it's end. But as I said, the separators being counted as songs is not really a big deal.

While on the topic of setlists: Would it be possible to suppress the display of the setlist duration if it is zero?
Do you think that should be the default behavior? Do you mean the duration listed in the setlist editor, or the duration that is shown if you enable Settings->Library Settings->Show Setlist Duration?

Yes, the latter. I have enabled Settings->Library Settings->Show Setlist Duration since that is a great addition.
When editing a setlist, the (current) duration is displayed and it is okay to be 0:00 while editing.
But on the Setlist display I think it has no added value to display [0:00] for setlists that have no songs assocated or contain only songs without duration.

I would even consider some way of signaling that not all songs of a setlist have a valid duration, since that would make the total duration inaccurate.
Should I display the text in red or yellow (or some other color) if not all songs have a valid duration? That seems like a simple way of conveying that the duration may be inaccurate. Alternatively, I could list the number of songs with duration over the total before the duration, i.e. 

Setlist Title [15/17 00:45:34]

Which would you prefer? Or do you have another suggestion?

I think [15/17 is confusing, but showing the duration in red to indicate that the setlist duration may be inaccurate is a good idea.

But what is a valid duration? All songs have a duration of 0:00 by default, which is valid. Separator items have no duration as well. OTOH it is straightforward to give separator items a duration of 0:01 to prevent them from colouring the total duration.
Separators don't have a bunch of other attributes either, like composer, collections etc. that could be checked.
That is why I would like to wait until I have dedicated separators in place because they will not be songs. So they won't even be considered in calculating the total duration. As a workaround, you would need to enter a non-zero duration as you mentioned. I'm going to consider 0:00 to be invalid.