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Full Version: CSVFile for "Real Book Sixth Edition"
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It's the complete song book "The Real Book for Bass Clef, Sixth Edition".

I guess the Treble Clef edition has exactly the same songs (and therefore the CSV would be good for that too), but I cannot tell for sure as I don't have it.

It just contains:
title, page, genre, composer, key

Didn't add any key for the several songs on modal progression.

Please feel free to correct it and/or add other info and repost, if you like.

Thanks for sharing.
The treble clef versions have in fact the same songs. Even more: the pages column is also identical.
So the difference between the attached CSV files is just the keys column.
And I usually add lines for the complete book and the TOC and columns for source types and albums.
There might be also small differences in the spelling. I didn't check tha. Any feedback is welcome.
I removed "Bass Clef" from the thread title to show that it's valid for all versions.
Thanks a lot for sharing!
We should add a "request" section so that we don't do the same work twice Smile
Do you by chance have other Real Books too ?

p.s. I run a cvs diff on the two files and all the names more or less matches, besides spelling and punctuation.
My only comment is that you don't specify minor keys but instead use the relative major even for minor keys songs.
And if you like you may want to import the my "genres", like Ballad, Swing etc.
Thanks for checking the files.
minor / major: you're right that might not be precise. I often just page through fakebooks taking a quick look at the sharps andĀ flats without thinking about if it might be a minor key.
genres: I don't care much about genres, it's not easy to make it unambiguous.
A request list seems a good idea. Feel free to open a new thread and ask for what you are looking for. Searching the forum if it's already there might also be helpful.
Merci for this CSV