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Full Version: Crash on startup
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Hey Mike and community! Is anyone getting just a straight crash to desktop launching the beta? Let me know how I can provide crash logs...
If you download the latest build from my server (message me if you need the link again), it will fix the issue. The end date for the beta was reached, but I had pushed out a build the day before it ended to set a new end date. So anyone that didn't get the new update before the end-date was reached has to manually download and run the installer sorry. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Mike, will this happen to the Android Beta Version too? Because i am using the Beta every day and it would be not so good if suddenly the App does Not work anymore. Is there already a release Date for the Main Update in sight?
No, the Android beta is basically just the Google Play version with an updated version code. So it uses the normal Google Play licensing and there is no end date. I had to come up with a different mechanism for the Windows 10 version, so it's just a limited-time version that will expire at a certain point. Once the official update is released for Windows 10, users of the FastSpring version will get the update normally and it will remove that end date restriction. Users of the Microsoft Store version will need to uninstall the beta and resume using that version.

I now have all of the changes done for Android, Windows 10, and the e-ink version. I'm just updating the companion app and the manual, and after that is done, I will release the update.

This are great News... :-) looking forward