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Full Version: Donner Page Turner
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I had a major flood in my rehearsal space, which went unnoticed for two weeks as we are in lockdown here and nobody is doing anything.  Together with a lot of other stuff, it destroyed my homebuilt BT pedal.  I made this some years ago, when such things were not common and fairly expensive.  Rather than build another one, I purchased a Donner pedal for no more than it originally cost to build one.

Plenty of people here are using this pedal, so there's no point in my going through the pros and cons - except for one little unexpected bonus.

Pressing both pedals at the same time will bring up the keyboard, doing the same again hides it.  I remember having to go through all sorts of nonsense if I needed the keyboard to show and this little feature is really useful.
Hi Graeme,

thanks for reporting this "bonus" - which was quite some disturbing malus for me several times already and got me lost in fidgeting around with the tablet, as I didn't know what caused this behaviour right during playing. Now I know that I hit both pedals at the same time accidentally. And now I know how to deal with it!   Idea   Smile

Further investigation shows this trick might not work for everyone.  It works fine on my Samsung P900 (running v5) but not the eStar (runnng v4.4).  Not sure if it is hardware or OS specific.

Petra-Kathi - one man's bonus is another man's blight Smile .  At least you now know the cause of your problem.